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Early Risers Who Stay Active Throughout The Day Day Are Happier, Mentally Stronger

active seniors

Night owls take note! Early risers who remain active throughout the day tend to be more content and sharper mentally, especially in older age. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh report that seniors who get up early and stay busy all day long are both happier and perform better on cognitive tests in comparison to those with more irregular daily activity patterns.

The importance of staying busy, especially as one grows older, is well documented. This new research, however, suggests patterns of activity, not just activity intensity, are vital to both healthy aging and mental health.

“There’s something about getting going early, staying active all day and following the same routine each day that seems to be protecting older adults,” says lead study author Stephen Smagula, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at Pitt, in a statement. “What’s exciting about these findings is that activity patterns are under voluntary control, which means that making intentional changes to one’s daily routine could improve health and wellness.”

3 Ways to Use Facebook in a Move

facebook for moving
  1. Connect with your new community Does your new neighborhood have a Facebook group? Perhaps your new city has a page for residents or maybe even an online seniors society. Joining Facebook groups that connect you with your new community members is a way to make new contacts and stay informed of local events.
  2. Find vendors on Facebook If your move takes you to a new city, you may need referrals for local technicians and professionals. Consider Facebook as a tool to research local businesses because it provides you not just with contact info, but reviews written by their clients. Posting to ask for recommendations on community pages can also be a great source of suggestions on who to employ as your next plumber, dentist, or maintenance person.
  3. Try Facebook Marketplace Whether your dining table is the wrong size or you would like a new hutch for your entryway, a change in living space often means a change in furniture. Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell and buy used household items with others in your area—giving you a chance to earn money on what you no longer need and save on what you need to make your new house feel more like home.

For more information about how to use Facebook Marketplace safely or find answers to other questions, check in with Facebook:

New Retirement Village Attracts Jimmy Buffett Fans

senior living

Is it us, or does Latitude Margaritaville, a new retire­ment village that’s located in Daytona Beach, Florida, sound suspiciously close to a couple of Jimmy Buffett songs? Turns out this pastel-hued development for boomers is as near as anyone can get to living inside Buffett’s brain.

You can eat a Cheeseburger in Paradise (after his 1978 tribute to a favorite food) at the Latitude Bar & Chill or exercise your pup at Barkaritaville dog park. The place’s tidy pink-and-blue clapboard homes mimic the singer-songwriter’s candy-colored album covers. When I dropped in last July, I found myself starting to act like a character in one of those songs, day drinking at a tequila-fueled cocktail party and pleasantly wasting away the next few hours in an airy beach house, which I’d rented for a couple of days to get a taste of life here.

Read more …New Retirement Village Attracts Jimmy Buffett Fans

Inflation and High Housing Costs Spur More Baby Boomers to Find Roommates

inflation spurs roommates

Some Americans in their 60s and 70s are turning to home-sharing because high inflation, rising housing costs, and limited savings are making solo living tough to afford. Twenty years ago, about one percent of older adults were house sharing with nonrelatives. Today, it's over a million older adults, more than double the number in that time. “There's a significant portion of the population going into their mid-60s with $20,000, $30,000 in their 401(k)s or nothing saved,” comments Riley Gibson, president of Silvernest, a roommate-matching Internet platform for older Americans. Some initially resistant to having a roommate now say the social aspect of house-sharing is important as the financial one.


Parents Are Buying Homes for Kids Priced Out of the Housing Market

parents buying houses

Adult children increasingly are looking to parents to help them buy homes. Some parents are co-signing a mortgage, giving money for a down payment, or buying the property outright. It's crucial assistance, given the high home prices and mortgage rates above 5%. Plus, real estate is increasingly being viewed as a hedge against inflation and a better option than paying rent. Some ultra-wealthy parents have sought financial planners' advice on buying homes for kids because of the increased gift and estate tax exemption. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act doubled the amount Americans can pass on to heirs tax-free to about $12 million for individuals and $24 million for couples in 2022. That provision will sunset at the end of 2025 when the exemption is scheduled to be cut in half.

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