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Get Paid Early with a Military-Friendly Bank

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Table of Contents
  1. When Do Military Members and Retirees Get Paid?
  2. Some Military-Friendly Banks Pay Military Members, Retirees, and VA Benefits Recipients Early
  3. Early Pay Military Banks and Credit Unions
AmeriCUAndrews Federal Credit UnionArmed Forces BankBroadway BankFort Hood National BankFrontWave Credit UnionHanscom Federal Credit UnionKinetic Credit UnionLangley Federal Credit UnionNavy Federal Credit UnionPoint Breeze Credit UnionSecurity Service Federal Credit UnionService Credit UnionUSAA
  1. Services Provided By Military-Friendly Financial Institutions
Early Access to Pay and BenefitsLow Interest LoansAdditional Services

Military banks and credit unions recognize that the military community has different needs than the civilian sector. Not only do military families experience unique challenges because of their frequent moves, but doing business during “typical banking hours” sometimes isn’t possible. Making things even more difficult is having to manage a bank account and financial transactions while living overseas. 

To make life easier for military members and their families, some banks and credit unions make military pay or VA benefits available early to members with direct deposit. They provide this service to help out their members, and it’s just one of the many advantages of banking with a military-centric financial institution. 

When Do Military Members and Retirees Get Paid?

Military members are generally paid on the 1st and the 15th of each month, unless that day falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case you would receive your paycheck on the preceding business day. Here are the military pay dates for the current year.

Military retirees are generally paid on the first day of the month, unless that day falls on a weekend or holiday. If that is the case, they are paid on the following business day. Here is the current year’s military retiree pay schedule.

Some Military-Friendly Banks Pay Military Members, Retirees, and VA Benefits Recipients Early

Quite a few banking institutions pay military members, military retirees and annuitants, and VA benefits recipients, and some other government payment recipients up to 3 business days early.

Government paychecks are considered to be among the safest to process, so some banks are willing to make those funds available early once they have confirmation from DFAS or from the Federal Reserve that the payment has been scheduled to be made to their customer’s bank account.

Early Pay Military Banks and Credit Unions

If you’re thinking about switching from a national bank or local credit union to a more military-friendly financial institution, you might check out one of these options. Remember, just because you don’t see your bank on this list, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the option for early access to pay. Reach out to your specific financial institution for more information.

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Open a USAA Checking or Savings Account


AmeriCU operates 19 Financial Centers throughout Central and Northern New York. They also offer online banking and participate in the Shared Branching Network, which allows customers of participating credit unions to make deposits, withdrawals, cash checks, check your balance, transfer money between your accounts – as if you were at an actual AmeriCU Financial Center.

Military and Department of Defense employees receive their paychecks one day early. More info.

Andrews Federal Credit Union

Andrews Federal Credit Union makes your military pay and VA compensation payments available one day early. You can find Andrews Credit Union locations along the east coast and in some European countries.

Here is more information about the Andrews Credit Union early pay policy.

Armed Forces Bank

Armed Forces Bank AFB allows you to access a DFAS direct deposit one business day before your actual pay date. If a payment date falls on a federal holiday or a weekend, you can access your money on the business day before. So if the 15th is a Monday, but it’s also a federal holiday, you would have access to your paycheck on the Friday before.  

Learn more about the Armed Forces Bank early pay program.

Broadway Bank

Broadway Bank, with over 30 locations in and around the San Antonio, TX area, offers Military Early Pay, a free, automatic direct deposit service for military service members. Whether active or retired, all service members can have access to their Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) direct deposits one business day before the set pay date.

This offer is available to Retired or Active Duty service members, Reserve/National Guard Members, Veterans, ROTC or Academy Cadets, or dependents (immediate family member), and Department of Defense Civilian and Contract Personnel. More info.

Fort Hood National Bank

Fort Hood National Bank (FHNB), a division of First National Bank Texas, has several locations around the Foot Hood area, however, they also offer online banking.

FHNB makes payments available to customers up to 1 business day early. You can find the 2021 early pay schedule on the FHNB website.

FrontWave Credit Union

FrontWave Credit Union FWCU gives you access to your military pay two full business days before payday. Here is the 2021 FrontWave Credit Union pay schedule.

FWCU also has a dedicated Military Relations team to help you with:

  • Financial planning
  • Financial resources
  • Budgeting sessions 

The credit union also offers seminars on:

  • Money management
  • How to buy cars and homes the right way
  • How to financially plan for deployments 

Most branches are located in California, near Marine Corps installations. 

Hanscom Federal Credit Union

Hanscom Federal Credit Union (HFCU) operates locations in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. They make direct deposits available up to 2 days early. Here is more information.

Kinetic Credit Union

Kinetic Credit Union (KCC) is located near Fort Benning, GA. Military paychecks are applied at 9:00 a.m. the day before the paycheck is due to post. Learn more at their website.

Langley Federal Credit Union

Langley Federal Credit Union (LFCU) has close to 20 branches in and around the Newport News and Norfolk, VA areas. LFCU members with a qualifying checking account and Direct Deposit may see their paycheck deposited up to three days earlier than other financial institutions.

LFCU is part of the Allpoint, a surcharge-free ATM network with over 55,000 ATMs. More info.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union NFCU makes DFAS funds available one business day before your actual payday for AD pay. 

For retired pay, funds take an additional day of processing. This is important to keep in mind if you’re anywhere near transitioning out of the military. So if the regular DFAS issue date is January 30th, your retired pay won’t be available to you until January 31st. Make sure you’re aware of this before opening an account with Navy Federal. 

Like other military-friendly banks, Navy Federal offers additional programs and resources designed for military members and their families, including:

  • Free active-duty checking
  • Generous interest rates
  • No minimum balance requirements. 

Point Breeze Credit Union

Point Breeze Credit Union (PBCU)

Security Service Federal Credit Union

Security Service Federal Credit Union SSFCU provides DFAS funds one to three days before the actual payday. This service is exclusive to DFAS pay and doesn’t include other direct deposits, like social security or supplemental SSI. There’s no enrollment process. 

SSFCU offers an “Operation Salute the Strong” program designed exclusively for AD and deployed service members to help meet financial needs. 

Service Credit Union

Service Credit Union Access your DFAS pay up to two days before the actual posting date at SCU. Additionally, SCU offers:

  •  Credit cards
  • Auto insurance
  • Savings accounts with interest rates as high as 5%. 

Several Service Credit Unions are located in Germany, which is useful for families who need access to an IBAN. (An IBAN is an internationally recognized bank account number, which is helpful to have if you’re going to be living abroad for any period.) Outside of Germany, SCU locations are primarily on the east coast. 


Arguably the most well-known military-friendly bank, USAA also offers early military pay. Funds are available up to one business day before the actual posting date.

USAA also offers: 

  • Competitively-priced auto insurance, home, and rental insurance
  • Investment opportunities
  • Credit cards
  • Life insurance 

USAA has been around since 1922 and continues to deliver on its promise of being a reliable, military-friendly financial institution. Learn more about USAA’s membership eligibility requirements.

Learn More or Open a New Account

Open a USAA Checking or Savings Account

All of these military-friendly banks are great options if you’re in the market for a financial institution that understands the unique challenges of military life.

Services Provided By Military-Friendly Financial Institutions

Early Access to Pay and Benefits

Military-friendly banks and credit unions generally offer access to DFAS funds (active duty and retired pay) up to three days early.

Low Interest Loans

Many military-friendly banks offer low-interest loans in the event of political turmoil impacting the DOD, such as furloughs and government shutdowns.

Additional Services

Military financial institutions offer additional benefits and flexibility when it comes to banking, including:

  • No minimum balance requirements on checking and savings accounts
  • Waived service fees and ATM fees
  • Credit-building secured credit card options