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Home Offices Are Hot!

home officeAs a REALTOR, I get the opportunity to see the evolution of design trends throughout the market. I find it extremely interesting to learn what buyers are looking for in a home. I was surprised to find that most of my buyers this year have added a home office to their list of important features.

Design trends have always been focused on remodeled bathrooms and kitchens.  Buyers love to be able to picture themselves showering in a luxurious bathroom with mirrors, granite, slate and good lighting. I have seen many jaw dropping bathrooms that made crave a remodel myself.

I have also seen the beautiful kitchen remodels. Where there is enough space to do the moon walk and spread out over sizable counter space. Parents can enjoy cooking dinner with the kids using the extra counter space to get help with homework. Granite countertops and custom cabinets have always caught the attention of my buyers that enjoy cooking and experimenting with ingredients. 

Times are changing! With a rise in self-employment, modern technology and flexible working hours, people work from home and everyone wants a home office. With creating a space that is designed specifically to an individual's needs, who wouldn't want to work from home?

Are you thinking of selling your home sometime in the near future? Let’s discuss how we can feature your home office, and if you do not have one, let's talk. I will help you restyle and redesign your house to create an office space with little cost, but big return.  Sherry Nottingham has a great article about this called 20 Home Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces. Contact me today for your FREE, NO OBLIGATION evaluation.