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Top Shelf!

Erik J., Escondido CA

Bonnie Maloney was my realtor both for my last rental in Escondido, CA (she found me the property and also negotiated the lease) as well as for my first home, which my wife and I purchased earlier this year. She continues to represent us in other ongoing property-related business.

Let me say emphatically that Bonnie is TOP SHELF when it comes to everything one could ever want in a realtor and agent. A home purchase, whether it it’s your first or not, is a major decision. Being first-time buyers, my wife and I were wary of being steered into something we didn’t want or being rushed through the process, or not being made to feel like a priority.

Bonnie always had our best interests at heart and understood what we really wanted in a first home. Quite simply, she knows how to handle people!! – something essential whether selling or purchasing a home, and a trait that is rare to find. Having her with us every step of the way made us feel like we had a real friend by our side.

Bonnie’s professional and outgoing demeanor is complemented by her thorough understanding of the real estate market, the local areas in which she works and most importantly the needs of the people she represents. I am happy to recommend Bonnie Maloney to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home!